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3 Signs it Time to Hire a New SEO Company

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3 Signs it Time to Hire a New SEO Company

No one likes to think of firing someone, but if you’re reading this article it has probably already crossed your mind at least once. Search engine optimization is the top line of most marketing budgets and for good reason. But what if you’re not so sure that you’re working with the right search engine optimization company for you business?

Here are 3 signs it’s time to hire a new SEO company.

1.You Suspect Black Hat Activity

One of the main reasons that companies hire search engine optimization companies is to help them with link building. Link building is an organic process where your website gains authority by receiving links from other websites. This is typically done through interviews and guest posting opportunities. If you’re paying an search engine optimization agency to do this for you, it’s important that you know these links are built genuinely. If they aren’t, you’re being sold black hat tactics.

A good way to guard against this is purchasing an Ahrefs accounts. With an Ahrefs account, you can monitor the links that are coming to your website as well as the quality. As new backlinks appear, you can check out the authority of those websites both by clicking the link and looking at the website- as well as seeing the rating that Ahrefs has given the website.

2.You Don’t Know What Your Goals Are

Generally speaking, everything you do in marketing should have a goal that all of these efforts surmount to. If you are working with a company that doesn’t have a clear goal for this campaign, this quarter, or anything at all- it’s time to hire a new company. Even if those goals change, you should know why your search engine optimization company is running this campaign, for how long, and what the expected results are. More importantly, you should know your core keywords are for targeting.

Far too often, small business owners fall into the trap of feeling like they are getting some type of SEO service when a company sets up their Google Analytics. SEO is not a one-stop shop. If you’re paying monthly for something that was done once, you’re being duped.

3.You Haven’t Seen Results (In a Reasonable Time Period)

In the same way that it’s easy to expect SEO to be a magic button, it’s easy to let expectations slip after you’ve been working with a search engine optimization company for a few years. Don’t jump the gun and fire the agency you’ve been working with, just get proof good work is being done.

When is the last time your SEO company shared results with you? If the answers is anything less than monthly, you need to find one the top seo company in your niche and ditch whoever you’re currently working with.

You should always be seeing your progress on the following at least once a month:

  1. Your monthly progress
  2. Your baseline to now

Whether this is an a report or over the phone, if you’re not seeing results from the company you are working with it is time to move on.


Long story short? If you feel like there is something wrong, there probably is. You should be confident in all of your working relationships and if that isn’t the case- it’s worth looking for new partners to work with. But don’t do so with the immediate intent to fire your current agency. Instead, set new expectations and make sure that you’re getting the treatment you deserve. If it’s been a simple misccomunication than your current SEO company should be more than happy to fix it. If you get push-back, you know that you are looking for new SEO partners for the right reasons.

What do you consider to be ‘red flags’ when looking for an SEO company to work with? Share your opinion in the comments.