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Is Studying the PMBOK Guide Enough to pass through the PMP Exam?

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In the training institute where I conduct 5 Day PMP Exam Preparation workshops, many busy project managers come and say something similar to this:

“I haven’t got enough time. I’m a snappy person. I can not be spending five days going though this project management software training course…”, or

“Listen, I’ve over twenty years of project management software experience, and that i could easily educate about Project Management Software easily. What about you simply produce the program material, and books etc., and I’ll get ready for test myself. And i’m not requesting any favour, I’ll spend the money for material and books. Actually, I believe when I simply feel the PMBOK Guide, I am confident I’m able to pass test easily.”

Some publish around the PMP Forum, about whether there’s a necessity to review the PMBOK guide or otherwise?

The PMP Training coordinators listen with patience, and states something similar to: “Yes, read the PMBOK guide. However that alone might not be sufficient. The thing you need is really a thorough knowledge of the work Management Methodology. So you need to comprehend what PMI prefer to test yourself on within the PMP exam. Just studying the PMBOK guide, and understanding “the way it pertains to the PMP exam” are not the same things”. You have to be within an “exam taking mode” whenever you read the PMBOK guide.

Studying the PMBOK Guide is extremely boring!

Included in this, studying the PMBOK guide is difficult. It’s very dry, boring, and hard to see soon after pages… No question it’s known as the best “sleeping pill” by many people PMP aspirants… When you start studying the PMBOK guide, everything appears really quite simple, and clear to see. But don’t forget, test isn’t as easy as it might appear.

The PMP Exam is hard…

The issue only seems if you notice mock PMP questions about the subject to read through, and you understand that many PMP questions are situational. The PMBOK guide doesn’t get you prepared for such type of questions. It simply provides you with the idea, details behind each process. But exactly how they can fit with one another, the way the overall process works, and the way to use the information to PMP questions is totally missing.

Next, the questions are pretty tricky, and you’ve got to see them cautiously, to place qualifiers. See my separate publish on Keywords that alter the concept of PMP questions. Sometimes, people question if PMI is actually testing on their own British studying and comprehension skills, since you can obtain the question wrong should you miss just one word.

The PMP exam is made to test real project management software understanding, experience and skills in handling real existence projects, along with your knowledge of the entire project management software methodology.

Therefore, it’s not sufficient to simply mug the PMBOK guide, or simply to have project management software experience.

And when it comes to Project management software experience, not everybody practical knowledge in handling every single facet of project management software – some project managers have little experience on hands to complete Risk Management, or Quality Management, or Communication Management, there are also other people who haven’t done Procurement management, because they do the majority of the operate in-house. So such project managers have blind spots within their understanding… while they think they’ve effectively delivered projects, they don’t have any many places, making them do badly within the PMP exam, and lots of, sadly, fail…

The PMP Exam’s passing score this year and 2012 continues to be quite bad. Under 50% of those who provide the PMP exam can pass within their first attempt. What this means is that almost all them fail the PMP exam within their first attempt. How can this be? Why individuals with experience managing projects unable to obvious it easily?

There are many issues here, which you have to address, namely:

1. Lack of knowledge from the entire project management software methodology,

2. Underestimating the PMP exam, or Getting over confidence on their own ability to handle PMP exam questions,

3. Limited experience of handling massive projects – which may have needed you to definitely do extensive planning, communications, risk management, quality management, and monitoring & controlling.

4. Not lots of time to get ready for the PMP exam

5. Not doing enough practice around the Mock PMP Exams

6. Not dealing with a test focused PMP Coaching

7. Not implementing test seriously.

8. Poor personal time management

Take a look. See which of them are you currently responsible for?

Fortunately, should you treat “passing the PMP exam” like a project, and arrange for it systematically, study regularly, and appearance how well you’re progressing against mock PMP papers, that you can do well, which is no impossible task any longer!

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