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How to Monitor CCTV Cameras from Multiple DVRs?

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People install surveillance cameras at multiple locations and in such a scenario monitoring the feed from multiple DVRs can pose a problem unless they can all be centrally viewed. There are systems in which this feature is enabled, which is especially extremely useful for those businessmen who have offices and warehouses in multiple locations. These systems are also useful when you need to monitor the feed from cameras installed at home along with those installed at your office.

Here is how you can monitor multiple DVRs that are on the same network as your laptop using a software. There are software that helps in monitoring when some or all the DVRs are on different locations or networks and your PC is also at some remote location. Thus, solutions are available for monitoring multiple DVRs in varied situations.

Setup Multiple DVR Viewer Software

Whatever software you have chosen, the very first step is to set it up. You need to have the latest version of the software and also keep updating it regularly. This is important because most of the security concerns arise if the software gets outdated.

Once you download the latest version of the software, install it on your computer. After the installation, go to the device manager and search for all the local networks for your DVRs.

Each software supports certain DVRs and you need to ensure that the software you have opted for is compatible with your DVRs. Add your DVRs by clicking on OK. Close the device manager and now you can see all your DVRs added to the software. Click on the New VDVR button to create a “virtual DVR” view, which actually appears like a physical DVR in the menu. This allows you to add cameras from any DVR added in the software to the new view.

Now you are good to go. You can click on the online/offline button to connect all or some of the configured DVRs. You can simply drag and drop the cameras from any of these configured DVRs into the virtual DVR view. The software generally allows up to 64 cameras to be viewed simultaneously through one virtual DVR. This is enough number of cameras to be monitored on a single screen for a person wanting to monitor a few cameras that he has installed in his home or office.